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about mark daehlin

I am interested in the way art conveys different states of consciousness to the viewer. I consider it the artist's responsibility to portray their highest self.  Art is a portal through which the viewer takes an internal journey into consciousness and growth. My wish is that these paintings allow all who see them to transport them to a place of peace and renewal, where dreams and inner visions can heal and enlighten.


I've  studied studio art at Concordia College Moorhead, Pacific Lutheran University, University of Minnesota, the Atelier in Minneapolis and Minnesota River School of Fine Arts. I studied Plein Air  painting under Minnesota artists Richard Kochenash and Brian Stewart. My personal studies into all aspects of art making are intensive, ongoing and lifelong.  The journey never ends.


My work resides in corporate and private collections in North America, Europe and the South Pacific. 

Artist's Statement:

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